Ellison's "Tay-Ste-Ice Goes To War" animated cartoon is a classic of propaganda films, capturing the true spirit of large, animated tubes of fla-vor filled plastic, and what it would be like if they were to go to war against Hitler. Although Ellison refused to hire top-notch animators, as his rivals at Disney and Warner Brothers did, or spend money on colorization, he was able to make quite an effective cartoon which was to become a hit with small children and art school dropouts, such as Adolf Hitler.

The animation cels from this "masterpiece of moving pictures," as Ellison dubbed his own work, are now highly prized collector's items, mostly for the gold which Ellison himself laced into each cel "for that timeless quality."

Cel #413: The Fat-Faced FuererCel #962: Tay-Ste-Ice To The Rescue