Stopping fist defeats second immovable stance.

(1965 through 1968)

Mao, not content with two-dimensional representations of his head, decreed in early 1965 that small statuettes of himself be inserted into every other Tay-Ste-Ice. The dolls became known as "O Hsiao-mi," or "Choking Dolls." After several months of country-wide choking deaths, the practice was stopped. The remaining Choking Dolls were melted down and recast into one large Choking Doll, to be used against Taiwan...

...In May of 1966, a then-unknown but shrewd Deng Xioaping apprehended a powerful Tay-Ste-Ice thief, quickly becoming hero of the day. As reward, he was given his first in a chain of promotions which eventually lead him to ruler of China. Although this never happened, if it had it would have added much to the importance of Tay-Ste-Ice in China...

As happens so often in business, especially the business of selling Tay-Ste-Ice in China, large shares of the profits were unlawfully taken by local authorities before being sold to the masses. It was a hard blow to the Tay-Ste-Ice corporation, but a gradual one, the soft blow of more and more money being pilfered by individual mayors all across the country. To combat this graft, costs were cut all the way down the production line. The most noticable difference was a change in the sacred recipe: thinned down to a mere 3% fruit juice, an additional 25% MSG was used as Fla-Vor filler.

What they lost in profit, however, they made up for in prestige, as the product gained a close association with China's intellectuals. In Peking, plays and poems were written to honor the product, and the image of the intellectual eating a Tay-Ste-Ice became the Chinese equivilent of a man with tweed jacket and pipe. Apparently harmless "Tay-Ste-Ice Appreciation Lists" were widely circulated among literati, on which were written the names, addresses, physical descriptions, and family trees of those "in favor of Tay-Ste-Ice, and the free exchange of ideas pertaining to Tay-Ste-Ice."

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