The cookie, crumbled, is abandoned to the winds.


...the murals which formerly showed happy farmers eating Tay-Ste-Ice were repainted, afterwards showing happy farmers not eating. Uneaten and unfrozen Tay-Ste-Ice were kept by peasants to use, in large quantities, only as pillows. And, in the fourth largest defeat for Tay-Ste-Ice in China, billboards of Mao holding a perfectly frozen Tay-Ste-Ice were replaced by bigger billboards of Mao, holding nothing.

...Large pits of stone-killed birds and Tay-Ste-Ice were a common sight across the country, until they were all filled in according to Mao's December, 1970 "Fill the Pits" proclamation...

Finally, amid sharp losses, the company was labelled "counter-revolutionary" and decided to pull out of China, moving their headquarters from Peking to Beijing. Abandoning even the lucrative and free markets of Hong Kong and Japan, the company has, as of this printing, not done business in the Orient since.

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