America wields her torch as a country mobilizes into action.

1942 Fighting a two-theatre war proves to be just the kind of "pick-me-up" America's economy needs. Capitalizing on the war-time zeitgeist, Ellison funds a series of propaganda films endorsing the American Spirit, the Tay-Ste-Ice Product, and the killing of the Japanese. [Animation Cels]

1943 Ellison, reaching out to our new allies, sends 14,000 cases of Tay-Ste-Ice to the Russian troops in Stalingrad. Also in 1943, six million Russian troops freeze to death.

1944 Although Roosevelt and Truman both speak out against the idea, Ellison suggests to the American people that they plant empty Tay-Ste-Ice containers in their victory gardens. An estimated 38,000 acres of land lay fallow.

1945 The War ends, and the country begins to return to normal. Returning GIs buy record amounts of Tay-Ste-Ice, and copulate.

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