The city is large, and filled with streets. The streets are flat, and filled with criminals. (Damn them. We will catch them.) Across the street (flat, filled w/criminals) I see a man bootlegging a Wings concert. (You will have Ticketmaster to answer to, criminal scum!) We decide to arrest him.

Back in the office. (How we hate the office.) Hustle and bustle of a police station (how we hate the bustle, yes and the hustle and the hustle hustle hustle) I go to the cofee machine (I take our coffee black, like the night) like the heart of the criminals we catch. Walk towards the chief's office, cup in hand (chief chief chief chief) I pass the water cooler, a man motions to us to come talk with the group. (We take our water black, like the night.) We do not recognize this man. (Who are you why are you standing next to the water cooler why are you not part of the bustle, of the hustle, of all of it?) We decide to arrest him. (Look chief look chief I arrested him, he was evil and I caught him no no no we did good, he was just standing there, evil, like the night, like my cofee.) We apologize, chief. (NO NO NO I will not shake hands with the officer, why was he motioning for us to stand by the water cooler? Why?) Shake hands (fine fine fine)

Back in the streets. The cops on bikes and horses race past me, seemingly laughing at me with their backs. (We do not need transportation, we will walk we will walk we will walk.) I look at people and imagine what we would say as I arrest them. ("I don't think he's going to need dental care where he's going.") click click handcuffs on, you're going to jail, buddy. ("I hope you like mashed potatoes, because that's all you're getting where you're going. The cafeteria! The jail cafetaria. Now march.") Do not even think about crossing the street there, pal. ("Now that's what I call the Pleistocene.") Do not even think about operating that power boat without proper training. ("He's not going to need a hat anytime soon.")

The posters on the street nauseate me, making me nauseous. (If I could arrest you I would, milk ad, we would. Got jailtime?) Ha ha! (Hey you, entering the library! You better not be trying to check out magazines, because for the last damn time,) PERIODICALS DO NOT CIRCULATE (so do not even ask, no you can not check out reference books either, that's it, you're coming with me buddy. Where?) downtown/down the river/the slammer/jaily jail (Yeah that's right.)

I buy a bagel, paying close attention to how much cream cheese they apply. ("It looks like he cheesed his last bagel, chief.") We decide not to press charges, and reholster my gun. ("The weeble wobbled, but this time, he fell down.") The roundness pleases me. (A donut) doughnut (is also round, but the stigma with cops and donuts displeases us, like the stigma between tigers and zookeepers is, I'm sure, a constant source of displeasure to them.) The bagel is now gone, but the criminals remain. (on the street, walking the street, and the sidewalks, on the byways and the highways. That's the sound of the) criminals, damn you all!

We turn off the television and I go to sleep (tomorrow we will pretend we are Dharma, tomorrow I will be Dharma.)