I know it was you who took my homework. (We know it was you.) C'mon. Give us back our homework. Please.

You dare. (Liar! You are a!) I know it was you. We know it. Who else but you would have the motive to steal my homework? No one else. No one else but you. (How could you steal our homework? How why?)

Do not give us that "I'm the teacher" crap. (Crap!) That is all the motive you need to steal my homework and give me the bad marks. (Why must we always get the bad marks? At least say we are improving. I am improving!)

No no no, please do not call our parents, the Jel Sert Company. (Don't call, please don't call, please don't call, please don't) They wouldn't understand, you see, it was a joke. I am sorry. (Don't try to blame that on us that toilet seat was like that when we got there.) Don't call Jel Sert, they are at work right now. (They get angry when they are interrupted from their work. It is delicate, like a snowflake.) When you bother my parents, the snowflakes melt. (Melt? Then refreeze them.) No, you can't refreeze them they are snowflakes. (Who are you arguing with? The teacher or with us?) I'm arguing with me. They're not really making snowflakes. I'm arguing with us because I don't understand. No teacher, I am busy, hold on a minute. (He is arguing with us. Us are arguing with we.) What? No, I was not mouthing off. It's just...

(I'm sorry we were talking we are in trouble.) What do you mean we have to see the principle. (No, no. It is the princiPAL. He is your pal.) He is not my pal, teacher, don't send me to him. (Do not call our parents either.)

May I at least have my homework back? (At least that. Yesss?) What do you mean you never got it? (It was handed in, I handed it in ourselves, and we said "here is my homework that we have completed. Yesss.") Why did you not keep care of it?