Here is how we will be rich (I know how I know how I know how you too can make money like us. Just do not take our money. We will soon) make enough money to be rich.

Here is how (yes, tell tell.):

On the first day, you give me one penny (me?) No, other people. (Rich people?) People with pennies. ANYone. (Prince would have said "anyone" as "n e 1") Damn you Prince! (He sometimes wears assless pants.) He is also rich. (yessss...)

The next day, we get two pennies. (Two pennies? In addition to the one?) Yes! For three pennies total.

The day after, we get four pennies (I see where this is going! We see! And after?) Sixteen pennies! (YES!)

Within the month, we will be rich!

(There is no flaw to our plan.)