Here is a script for a movie we wrote (yes read read read the movie):

A man walks, alone (alone, he is.) He is holding a gun by his side. (Never alone with a gun, or with other people. Actually, just with other people.) The sun rises. (We develop setting.) There is a robot coming across the other way. (Robot?) Yes, a robot. (Ahhh, I likes.) We wrote a robot into our movie script. (What does the robot look like? Paint me a picture. A picture with words.) Julia Roberts. (Yes.) She is a robot, but she is unlucky (Unlucky? Julia Roberts? Good god, why? We want to know.) unlucky in love (NO!) yes yes yes, we write it. There is more to the movie script (more?) yes more to the movie script that we write because we are a movie writer (Movies, we write, movies) I write them. She has a (We love it.) wait for me to write the idea. (Ahh, yes.) She has a friend. (A friend? Also a robot?) No. A dog. (Crime-fighting?) Of course, he fights crime, and he fights chickens. (Chickens?) Yes! Kenneth Branaugh plays the bad guy. (Is the bad guy a chicken?) Maybe, we are not sure yet. He is probably evil. (We see a movie slogan already: "It's like Chicken Run, but they're evil! Everyone loves Julia!") Yes, I like the slogan. I will continue writing the movie to go with the slogan. (Is that necessary?) Yes. So robot Julia finds out she has a twin sister robot, (A twin sister robot?) yes, who is messy. She is neat. (So they are different?) Yes, one is messy, one neat. (But they are twins! How different can they be?) Different enough for our movie. I am creating dynamic tension with them. (Dynamic.) So the mafia is trying to kill one sister (why?) because the mafia kills people, especially messy twins. (ahhhh, I see.) They go to psychiatrists. (Hmm.) In the future, psychiatrists eat people. (Social satire!) Social satire. (Social satire!) They eat people. (we likes. It is beyond 1984, even.) They eat people, and Julia roberts' twin goes in to see a psychiatrist (the twin, or her?) the twin (oh. it is hard to tell the difference because they look so much alike.) yes, she, the twin, goes in to see a psychiatrist and oh! There is a mafia there. (a mafia? We are scared.) I am scared too. (What does she do?) I am not sure. (Does she hide?) Sure, she hides. (Sometimes to fit in you have to be yourself.) Why? (We do not know.) We do not either. Then there is a chase scene. (Chase? Chase! ) The result is a non-stop, nuclear powered thriller with some of the most amazing, pulse-pounding action sequences ever captured on film. (Ah! I nearly wet our pants.) Do not worry, it is only film. Film isn't real. (Thank goodness.) What happens? (Are you asking me? We do not know.) Ah yes, I was writing. (yes.) In the end, the wedding cake gets switched with the cake with the bomb inside of it. (Cake with the bomb inside of it?) Yes. (oh, that one. We understand.) The robot sisters are reunited and eat the cake (oh no oh no oh no) and it blows up (NO!) but the cake flies in the air and hits Kenneth Branaugh in the head. (Ha!) Then the sun sets, and the guy with the gun turns out to be Santa Claus, who teaches people the real meaning of x-mas, and then shoots his gun into the screen (oh my god we are going to be hit with bullets) no, don't worry, it only looks that way, but it is computer generated. (What will these computers generate? Tic-tac-toe games?) No, they can also generate graphics. And they will make us a picture of Santa shooting the screen so it says "The End" in bullet holes. (I used to wonder what life would be like in a movie. Now I know it would be great!)


Yes it would.

Straight to video? We must be extra special.