The ocean was smooth that night, as smooth as a mirror. Not one of those rough mirrors, but one of those real flat mirrors, that are made of glass and cover 3/4 of the world's surface with water.

The captain of the ship was old, and salty. He had not always been so. Well, he had always been old, but not always salty. He had become captain after stowing aboard the ship in a barrel of heavily salted herrings. Why the ship was bringing heavily salted herrings out to sea is not known. What is known is that the captain eventually emerged from the barrel and killed the old captain by finding some water and then drowning him in it. No one is sure where the old captain was drowned, although some suspect the ocean, or maybe his own bathtub. (How ironic that would be.)

The captain then came out on decks with the smell of herring and success. The sailors smelled the captain, and after about five minutes of squabbling on what the smell was exactly, decided that it was probably Charlie Perfume. By this point they were exhausted and just let the old salty man become their captain, considering the old one was nowhere to be found.

Unfortunately, the captain would not last long. Alas, he could never find the steering wheel. Somehow, the sailors had hidden it from him, possibly in the steering compartment, although the captain could not be sure as he did not check there. The captain accepted defeat, and looked into a mirror. In a lot of ways, the mirror reflected the captains soul, because it was smooth. The captain's soul was smooth after an accident with a power sander.

But it just goes to show you that sometimes things are hidden from view.